The title may be a bit dramatic but I am definitely happy that I have my beads near me again. Once I got home and familiarized myself with the mess that is my room (there were more than a few semi-frantic moments of me saying things like, “Mommy! Where are my needles??”). But things sorted themselves out and I sat down with some of my beads. I’ve worked on two bracelets so far.

1. Colourful Spiral Rope

I like spiral rope because it’s relatively simple and very repetitive. Once you choose the colours you’re using, you just add a core bead, add the outer beads, and then go up through four core beads. This sounds like gibberish – I know –but trust me, it’s less glamorous than it sounds. You can look at the week that I focused on spiral rope during my directed study. I chose to do a spiral rope bracelet because I wanted something that would finish relatively and give me a confidence boost that I still knew what to do with my beads.

2. Kind of a RAW Bracelet

I looked through one of my beading books for inspiration and came across a right angle weave bracelet (see the week I focused on RAW here). I used turquoise seed beads and these cool cube beads that I’ve had for years but never knew what to do with them.

I didn’t do exactly right angle weave because the shape of the center beads made it tricky. I had to make some adjustments but after a few tries I figured out how to make it work. The second challenge was attaching the basket clasp. I added a square stitch bail of sorts. I still haven’t mastered closing the clasp so I ended up using glue to make sure it was secure.

The toggle clasp makes it big for my wrist but that doesn’t mean it won’t fit someone else. I’m pleased with how it turned out. I'm may or may not make matching earrings or rings. What do you think?

The song is "Wait For You" by Elliott Yamin. I put a CD that I burned from my sister years ago on shuffle and this song came on. Good memories.

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  1. Amazing post dear!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the comment. :)


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