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(This is becoming a trend but watch me connect something related to beads to life lessons for myself.)

I'm back home and was gently encouraged to do a bit of Spring Cleaning (if having my mother threaten to throw away half my wardrobe is gentle). But I don't wrong her - I have a lot of stuff. I started with my clothes and then decided to tackle my beads.

While I was cleaning I found a lot of old projects. Let us pause and look at this aesthetically pleasing aerial shot of some unfinished projects:

Looking back at those projects was like rereading old journal entries or blog posts. I've changed since then but I still love making things. The same goes for writing.

I tend to wonder why I keep this blog up and what I should write and whether I should try to become blog-famous. I still don't have the answers to those but at least I know that this matters to me. I guess I'll have to try a few different things.


Last weekend, I saw many beautiful people that I had not seen in a while. One of them has been a friend since my eye was deh at my knee. Like the creeper that I am at heart, I sat and listened to a conversation with him and another friend about movies (because he reviews them and records a podcast). At the end of the conversation he got up and dropped some knowledge that I was happy to pick up. Putting your words out there (in written or recorded form) is not easy but consistency is important. If it matters to you, keep at it.

The song is "Just One Of Those Days" by Sizzla.

As always, thanks for reading,


  1. Gosh. That was so cute and encouraging. Snap. I might start a blog. "If it matters to you, keep at it."
    Also, that song took me back :D

    1. Aww yay :) Thanks for this. Now I'm all encouraged too.

  2. Your unfinished work is so pretty! And Damian is so right. Consistency is key. I know I'll never be as consistent in my blogging though unless I were to go to 52 places in January of each year, create scheduled posts and unleash them once a week. But of course that's impractical, expensive & would take the fun out of it so I'm regularly irregular if that makes sense. That's my "consistency." And hmm blog famous or nah is a good question, one I always ask myself if I truly want. My answer to that (for now at least) is why not? Once it doesn't lessen your fun or cause you to lower your quality or blog standard. Plus if it's meant to be, it'll happen :)

    1. #preach
      Consistency really does depend on each case. For you, blogging about places is different because it depends on when you can go or not. For me, it'd depend on what I make (or the half dozen other random things I end up writing about). I really like your answer to blog famous. Why the heck not? lol. If it comes it comes once you're still having fun. [=


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