I made a lot of new pieces last week. More than I've done in a long while and it felt good. I actually managed to post each day last week (except for Sunday) so take a look at my Instagram page.

It started with cleaning and coming across old pieces that I hadn't finished or made mistakes with. I decided to re-do a bracelet from a while back. (I realize I didn't post about it so I don't know when I made it.) It was a series of peyote circles joined by beads.

I almost ran into problems with the toggle closure. I made it a bit shorter than I should have so it's not the easiest to fasten and unfasten

I started another set of peyote circles, planning to make a bracelet, but ended up making earrings instead.

 That sent me on an earrings-spree but I experimented with using wire and bigger beads and buttons.

 I came back to my seed beads with a spiral rope bangle (the same design as this one from two (!) years ago).

 I did more experimenting with cords and beads and made a simple choker that doubles as a bracelet (you wouldn't believe how many tries it took to get the clasp on. I also added a pendant I made a while back to cord - I'm testing my knots because I'm interested in making more simple necklaces like that.

On Thursday evening I found my crochet things and decided to work on some wire crochet jewellery. I started out with a bracelet. I moved on to make another but I didn't cut myself enough wire so I took what I had and turned it into a pendant.

To wrap up the week, I repaired a friend's bracelet. It was a macrame bracelet and some of it came undone. I knotted it back up as best as I could, added a new stop bead, and just need to find some fabric glue to seal my knots properly.

It's been a week. Let's see how this next one one goes.

I hope you're doing well, wherever you are. The song is "The Traditional Jamaican Happy Birthday Song"(according to this person's YouTube channel) because I've had birthdays on the brain for a bit.

Thanks for reading,

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