Hola guapas!

I missed last week and this one will be quick. I realized that I've been stalling telling you all that I'm studying away from my university for this semester. I wanted to do so with a bit more finesse rather than dropping the news like a hot patty but things don't always go they way I rehearse them in my head. I also have a bit of a cold so I'm hustling to go to bed soon. But yes. I'm in a different country doing different things and I will soon turn this blog into another (possibly non-acidic) study abroad digital archive.

Leyendo "Una etiqueta olvidada" - a short story for class

Escribiendo Vocabulary lists for my tests coming up this week

Escuchando "Tribes At War" by Nas and Damian Marley featuring K'NAAN

Pensando Your body really knows when to lick you for six by giving you a cold and forcing you to relax yourself

Necesitando To sleep and get over this cold

Sentido Pretty good overall

That's all I'll say for now. I hope you're doing well wherever you are.

Gracias por leer,

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