Hi everyone,

I have another video this week (I know right?). In my plant bio class last semester we had the option to write a term paper or make animations (or Creature Casts) about a plant that we found interesting. Of course I popped style and decided to the animation. Then I chastised myself because I did not want to be making things frame by frame and spend hours and end up with twelve seconds of animation. I decided to do a whiteboard animation video which still played games with my blood pressure. But I'm here and my arteries are still functioning so all is well.

I chose ackee because I wanted to do something that reminds me of home and that has an interesting story. It doesn't get more interesting than a sometimes poisonous fruit that can only be described as tasting like itself. I had fun preparing the bits for this project - drawing the fruit in the different stages, being told that my ackee and saltfish looked like eggs, rigging my room into a studio, forgetting to record entire bits of the video, running out of space on my camera, trying to compile the video only to have the program (on my computer and the computer's in the school lab) tell me that they can't be uploaded and panicking around 10:30 pm analyzing my entire life and my decisions thus far then doing the rational thing and contacting a friend who comes over and saves everything and my entire existence and made me realize that everyone needs to get themselves someone who can code.

Now that I look back, I can also see how many people had a direct or indirect role in the outcome. From lending my a whiteboard, offering my markers, editing my script, giving real talk that my ackee looked like an omelette, telling me how to use a tripod, advising me to delineate a boundary, being a saint with computer skills - it wouldn't have been the same without them.

Special big ups to my yute EZÉ who produced the soundtrack. I'll say it again: The amazing background music is courtesy of a person I know. Check out his other work at EZÉ Creations.

I uploaded the video to my Facebook page. I hope you enjoy learning about ackee.

Thanks for reading and watching,

P.S. I'm not joking about getting yourself somebody who can code.

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