Hi friends!

Belated Happy [insert any holiday/equinox/season finale that I've missed]! It's 2017. Here's to approximately two more weeks of writing "2016" instead of "2017" when I put the date in my journal. This serves as a regular Sunday Currently but also as a public service announcement that I'm going to play catch up for a few weeks. There were projects and events that happened last year that I didn't get time to write about so I'm going to blurt them all out here. I also want to mention a nagging feeling I've had (about blogging at least once a week for this entire year) but I'm afraid that once I type it, there's no going back. I'll do my best though. Even if it alternates between a Sunday Currently and another type of post. I'll start with a month. How's that for manageable goals?

Reading This article a friend wrote on her internship in China and this blog by a high school friend who is exploring Jamaica. Truly good reads. It's nice when you realize you know some pretty interesting people.

Writing Apart from this, nothing.

Listening "Ordinary People" by John Legend. Shuffle seems to be feeling all the feels tonight.

Thinking That nothing is real because I finally got around to watching The Matrix.

Needing To iron a shirt for tomorrow.

Feeling Strange for telling you that I need to iron a shirt tomorrow. lol

I've been playing around with the blog design and added some new things. I added a "Favourites" tab in the top menu, that has links to some of my favourite posts over the years (Fam, it's been five years since I first started this). I also added my Instagram feed at the bottom of the page, beside the Archives. I'm still figuring out how I feel about it. I'm not sure if it makes the blog too busy and I don't like that it doesn't link to my actual Instagram page.

Those are all the words I have for now. [=

Thanks for reading,

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