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Two years ago, I told you all the words I would say to my future children. Last year, I realized that I had to figure out words to tell myself. This video was a part of my final presentation for DDCSP@UW. As before, the story took a lot out of me but there were differences. I felt a bit more mature, a bit more vulnerable,  a bit more secure with the sound of my voice.

(Fun fact: I ended up losing my voice the day I told a story about finding it. That's where the extra bass came from.)

But I realize that it's a process. That every time I think I've "reached" I haven't really because there's more life left to live. This video is timely for me because for different reasons in the past few months (both internal and external), there have been moments and events when I feel like my voice isn't being heard or that my experiences don't matter. But nuttin nuh go so. Speak. Climb. Whatever needs to happen.

Nuff love to my Doris family, Chenjerai Kumanyika and Carolyn Finney.

I don't have many more words to type. I hope you take the time to listen. I hope this touches you in one way or another.


*I can't upload the video now but I will when the WiFi starts being my friend. The link is in the text or right here.

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