I have a playlist called "Where I Pull a Whitney Houston" because there are moments when I need to hold a cylindrical shaped object and perform five or six encores if that's what the imaginary crowd really wants. That statement has no significance outside of me singing out loud before I started typing and I needed some way to start this post.

(The song was "Bottom of the River" by Delta Rae.)

I'm thankful for last week. I was able to visit people and dogs who are very dear to my heart, watch an absurd amount of movies (everyone should see Moana), crochet! for the first time in a while, and remind myself that there is more to life than papers and readings.

With that said,

Reading Words about women and reggae music for a presentation.

Writing Said presentation.

Listening "D.D" by The Weeknd.

Hoping That the sound doesn't travel into the hallway because I'm going to keep singing until my roommates return.

Needing To fold my laundry and change my sheets.

Feeling Like I should quit school and start my solo singing career.

Friends! I hope your weeks went well. Or that they went. Sometimes that's all we can ask for really. Look at that - we're almost done with November. What a ting.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Can't believe it's been a week already. This really did feel like a week that just went. You should really start that singing career though. Just make sure you keep blogging while you're on tour.

    1. Haha =D I can't imagine it any other way.


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