Hi friends,

I asked one of my roommates whether I was neater during our first year and gradually became messier. She responded with incredulous laughter. I guess it's time to accept that I live in partial filth and that is okay.

It's been a semester - not a semester since I last wrote but that a lot has happened this semester. I'm back because I missed writing and there's less pressure on my system because we have a short break coming up this week. Then back to classes, then finals, then a year and a half before I am thrown out of the world of academia that I've known for the majority of my life and into the cold, dark, world of ~adulthood~.

Best enjoy my break then huh??

Drama aside, here's the Sunday Currently.

Reading The West Indies: Patterns of development, Culture and Environmental Change since 1492 by David Watts for a paper.

Writing Notes/quotes from the book.

Listening "My Whole Life Changed" by Lecrae

Hoping That there'll be a decent number of sunny days for the rest of the semester.

Needing To vacuum. My hair is starting to form colonies on the floor.

Feeling Like I'm in a good place but also very ready for this break.

Wherever you are I hope you're doing well and that you have people that understand your sense of humor and that you can laugh with.

Thanks for reading,

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