Hi everyone,

It feels strange doing a Sunday Currently while the sun is still out. This  one is less of an update of what I'm doing and more of blatant self-promotion. I added a link in the menu bar to my shop at Folkmade - my school's online marketplace for student artists. My medallion earrings, choker/bracelet, a ring, and wire crochet bracelets are on sale (there's a post about these here). Friends! Look at it! Tell your friends about it! kthxbye. But for real. I put a lot of effort into my pieces and it warms my heart when people compliment me about my work and it would warm my heart even further if the word spread (and if I made actual money off of what I make).

Now on to the list.

Reading Environmental Ethics by Robin Attfield for my class on environmental justice. It's a dense reading and I wish I had more time to go over it. It's one of those where I reread paragraphs without realizing that I read them already. It covers concepts related to environmental studies that I'd like to get a better grasp of.

Writing A paper for my class on the Caribbean.

Listening "Spirit Break Out" sung by Kim Walker-Smith

Hoping I get a good chunk of work done between today and tomorrow.

Needing To take a nap.

Feeling Like there's a lot to do but that things will get done.

Last time, I made a PSA about Hurricane Matthew. The storm shifted and Jamaica didn't get as much damage but it hit Haiti and other places pretty hard. I just wanted to acknowledge that.

Thanks for reading,

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