Some of the things I haven't put up yet

Hi friends,

I'm trying to get back in a groove with the blog so the least I can do is write up a Sunday Currently. Can you believe it's October? It's unfortunate if you can't because there's not much you can do about it. But yes, it's a month into the semester and I'm still not 100% moved in. I had a burst of energy last night/this morning and put up some of my artwork/posters/family photos.

Here's a Public Service Announcement before I go into my list: Hurricane Matthew has moved from being a Category 5 to Category 4 storm and the eye should pass between Jamaica and Haiti but it's still a hurricane and with that comes a lot of rain and wind. We likkle but we talawah in Jamaica but please keep in mind and/or send up prayers for all the islands and people who will be affected by the hurricane.

With that said:

Reading I'm about to start Crazy Love by Francis Chan. My plan is to read through it like a devotional.

Writing An email to a professor about ideas I have for an essay.

Listening To my Mommy talking about her plans for tomorrow.

Hoping Matthew behaves itself. 

Needing A hammer and nails to put some last few pieces up.

Feeling Good because of some of the conversations I had over the course of this weekend.

That's all I have for now. Time to head to bed and get ready for this week. I hope your weekends were restful/productive/good/whatever they needed to be.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Check the time stamp - minutes to spare!

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