Hi friends,

Note: “tl;dr” stands for “too long; didn’t read”. All these acronyms – don’t worry. I’m here to help you stay down with the times and keep up with the lingo.
 Two weeks ago, my safety pin bracelet popped. I figured it unlikely that a professor would hold up a lecture hall to let me gather up my beads so I took a photo of the moment (for the archives) and stuffed the bracelet in a side pocket of my bag. 

A little over two weeks ago, my roommate sat on the floor sewing/taping/willing the straps of her chappals to stay together. When they didn't listen in the dining hall she borrowed a scoongie and wrapped it around her foot.

A few days after, my other roommate came back from a retreat and told us how her slippers popped as well but it was all good because she just tied a scrunchie and kept on trodding.

Yesterday, I walked around with jeans that have a decent-sized hole in the crotch. I have a tab open where I typed "how to patch a hole in jeans crotch". (I can feel my mommy cringing as I write this.)

How do you know when to patch/tie/keep something up versus when to let it go?

I’ve been feeling busy since the semester started and I know that comes with the territory. It’s the beginning of the year and things haven't fallen into a rhythm yet. At first glance, I'm excited about the things on my plate. Most of my class material is engaging, my work is relevant to what I’m studying, my role in my Christian fellowship is prompting me to get deeper in my faith. They are all things I want to do but I'm sure if I should be doing all of them right now. 

When my jeans ripped, my roommates told me to patch it up and offered me sewing kits.

When my other roommate told us that her slippers popped, we laughed and were well proud of ourselves because the hair tie idea actually worked.

While my roommate sewed the straps to her chappals, my other roommate and I laughed, offered suggestions, and took photos (for the archives).

I think it’s time to let my safety pin bracelet go. It just means I’ll be making a new one eventually. [=

I’m not always sure when to keep something up or when to let it go. But I’ve realized that I can talk to friends, family, teachers, mentors, and God about the hole I might need to patch or the bracelet I might need to mend. Which is a pretty nice deal now that I think about it.

tl;dr My safety pin bracelet broke and it had me thinking about how you know for sure when to let things go or when to tie them back together.

The song is "It Is Well" by Kristene DiMarco and Bethel Music . Our pastor preached about the original hymn in church last week.

 I hope you’re doing well wherever you are. And real talk - Thank you for reading.


Hi all,

I'm here to say that Babylon has not taken me. School is in full swing and these professors not playing games. I'd like to say that I'm back into the rhythm and everything is smooth but I won't lie to you because you've taken the time to read my words. Things could be smoother - I wouldn't mind less readings and more sleep - but it's so life go. If thinking about school isn't enough, there are so many terrible things going on in the world that more often that not I put them at the back of my mind to try and make things easier for me. I hate to say it, but it seems like it's so life go in those respects as well.

But! I'm here blogging because I've been inspired (and low-key shamed) by my friends who are doing amazing things like studying abroad or being commissioned to write a piece for one of her favourite blogs. Let's move on to the Sunday Currently then.

Reading Graphic Language: Herbert Bayer's Environmental Design by Peder Anker. It's an article for an assignment in my seminar. We're supposed to search the Environmental History journal and explore a topic that interests us. I typed "art" and this article is one that showed up. It's also making me want to take an art history class.

Writing A paper for that same class based on the articles.

Listening "Forever" by Brian Johnson of Bethel Music.

Thinking I'll need to wake up and wash my hair before class.

Wishing I did laundry today.

Needing To get back to reading soon. And clear my bed. Jeez. How do things pile up so quickly?

Feeling Good to be writing here again.

I'm going to finish the article and hopefully start writing before midnight. We'll see how it goes.

I hope you're okay wherever you are.

Thanks for reading,

A mural on Fleet Street in Downtown Kingston

Hi everyone,

There were five emails about taking the post-DDCSP survey. Marking them as "Unread", I told myself I would get to it once I finished "processing". A beautifully vague way to grant myself a few more days of pretending that the experience wasn't over, pretending that the past two summers in Seattle did not impact me as much as they had, pretending that I wouldn't miss the community I found. But the deadline was getting closer and the squad kept posting pictures and I realized that I had to write something.

If there's one phrase I can attribute to my father, it would be, "Haffi give thanks". ("There's food at home" would be a close second because of how often I asked for food on the road.) The past three months have been different types of busy. Busy with packing up my second year of university. Busy with taking on new positions and responsibilities. Busy with reconnecting with friends and family who mean more to me than I realize. Busy with the never-ending process of understanding my likes and dislikes and hopes and dreams.

Just the easy things really.

Now that school has started [cue maniacal laughter], I want to pause and think about the things that happened. Initially, I felt the need to recount the things that happened and come up with a list of lessons I learned. I kept pushing that idea away. It didn't seem genuine because I felt as if I had to make each of my experiences have a one-line nugget of wisdom like an Aesop Fable. However, what did jive with me was stopping to think about moments that I am thankful for.

So here we go.

Haffi give thanks:

for friends who will help move boxes and bags that are half their body weight

for opportunities to learn from professionals who are doing dope, life-changing things in different countries

for the ability to play in the dirt, dig (but not too deep) through the garbage, and play with sidewalk chalk

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