Hi friends,

It's been a while. Oh snap. It's been over a month. Well would you look at them apples. But is so life go more times.

The semester ended. Another school year done. I'm at the point where everything people say about university flying by is very vivid. I'm a bit uncomfortable with confronting that I technically have less ahead of me than I do behind me (at least for my college career). But it's all good no? We have to learn and grow and some other motivational/inspirational line about change.

This post is about the final art project for my oil painting class. The piece is untitled for now. Each canvas is 14" x 14".

The prompt was open which caused me some trouble. Going off the trend of my previous two pieces, I thought about doing something very deep and inspirational and moving. But it was coming to the end of the semester and I was tired and there was a lot going on. I realized that I did not want to think deeply. I just wanted to paint something that would give me joy. 

I knew that and I knew I wanted to make four square canvases. It was just a matter of figuring out exactly what I wanted to paint. I chose images from home because I hadn't been home in a while and looking at those photos brought back good memories. It's also becoming a trend because my final project for my drawing class in first semester focused on home as well. I then thought about how I'd paint the pictures. Complete abstraction (like the process) didn't appeal to me but I knew that being as realistic as Pretty Cute would be a bit stressful. 

I ended up finding a medium between abstract and realistic that brought together a concept I've thought about with my art. I'm near-sighted and I've been interested in portraying things the way I see them without my glasses. While painting, I took off my glasses at times. This helped me to see the photos without worrying about being representative but to focus on the shifts in colour and light. 

I can see these as an ongoing series. If I ever decide to work with oils again. I probably will. I still have paint and paint don't come cheap. I'm truly happy that I got to take this class. Another reason that I can't deny that art is important to me.

Summer's here and I'm thinking about beads and drawing and reading and things I put on hold during the school year. But that's for another post. 

I hope you're doing well wherever you are. 

Thanks for reading,

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