Hi friends,

I'm finally selling my wares. My goods? My products? (Wow. It's very easy for that to sound sinister huh?)

I'm selling some of my jewellery on the Internet. A group of students at school started a website where they promote student artists and give them the chance to sell their work. It's called Folkmade and you should head there and see some of the amazing work people do.

I was nervous about applying to Folkmade to sell my jewellery and I think it had to do with pride. A part of me was worried about putting myself out there and not having people buy or buying but being disappointed with the work somehow. You hear those fears? That's me being too concerned about what other people think. I make jewellery because it gives me joy and that's all it needs to do. If I can hustle up a little change in the process - it's an added bonus.

I keep learning to disentangle where I should and should not find my worth. My brain knows that what people think of me is none of my business but it still feels that way at times. Ah well. It's a process isn't it?

I'll stop talking now and direct you to my profile on Folkmade. I'd be very touched if you read about my interview. And thank you to those who have already read it.

I hope everyone's doing well. For those still in school, I feel your feels. Hopefully it's at least a bit sunnier wherever you are.

The song is "Set Up Shop" by Damian Marley because even inna farrin we haffi look a breakfast.

Thanks for reading,

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