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In my last post, I mentioned that this project was less relaxing because I was overthinking it. The topic was "Appropriation/Collage" and I took a pretty winding road before ending up with my final piece (30" x 24").

This piece made me challenge my ideas about why I make things and who I am making them for. My first response to the prompt was to paint something that commented on cultural appropriation. But I didn't have anything specific to say. I didn't want to choose an issue just for the sake of painting about a topic that I think I should care about. I started to wonder wether every piece I make has to be a deep and insightful piece or whether it's okay if I just want to paint pretty (or what I consider pretty) colours on the canvas.

I decided to go with a grid because I had been playing around with grids with my index card sized watercolours . (It may also have to do with a desire for order since my thoughts were all over the place but I'd rather not get too into that right now. lol) I used string because a part of me wanted to have more contact with the canvas. It's also because my canvas' corners were not perfect right angles and I wanted the lines to look as parallel as possible (goes back to the whole obsession with the grid.)

The strip of canvas with writing was me talking to myself as I sorted out my feelings about this piece. After writing down my thoughts, I sucked it up and realized I just wanted to paint pretty colours in neat squares. I stopped caring about whether I had to be the voice for people or if I needed to let my voice be heard. This piece became more about the process because I wasn't sure what the outcome would be. It was still a bit tedious after that realization so I took a break and left it.

I started to enjoy it when I: i) began mixing my paints on the canvas itself and ii) put my camera on a timer and took pictures at thirty second intervals. The finished product started to develop in my head and I could see the grid with coloured squares, black squares, and black-and-white photos of me in my work space.

This is one of the few pieces I've made that has drained me. But it was also one that I've had the most fun with. It's another example of how I tend to put pressure on myself. But the final product shows that I worked through the pressure and reminded myself that I can relax and do what I like.

The song is "Panda" by Desiigner because a friend played it last weekend and I'm doing my best to keep up with the youths. On a serious level though, I deeven know half of what the man is saying. =D

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  1. I am really enjoying the contrasts. Good work!

  2. I love the work and the insight on your creative process. Keep working with those questions, they will push your work. Thank you for sharing. Un abrazo!


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