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Five Shapes Five Colours was the name of our last assignment. It was my first time working on canvas. There's more work that goes on before you even get to think about painting. Everyone in the class got to build a stretcher from scratch. I cut the wood with the power saw, made sure the corners were at 45 degree angles, used wood glue and a nail gun to secure the pieces together, stretched the canvas over the stretcher once it was dry, stapled it in place, gessoed and sanded the surface three times and then I realized I need ideas of what to paint.

Here's the finished piece in all it's 4' x 4' glory. The title is "Gardenrange".

We could only use five shapes (including the background) and five colours in our piece. Initially, I felt restricted by this, but then I was almost grateful because it made the canvas seem smaller and less intimidating. It also let me play around with the paint more. I had a chance to try different brush strokes and create textured effects in parts of the painting. I even decided to play fresh [cheeky, mischievous] and add the rectangle in the corner. It's still the same colour as the background so can you really call it a separate shape? That section was also my attempt to get away from the watercolour effect I mentioned in the Fifty Paintings assignment.

I had fun with this piece. I did have a hard time trying to make the shapes balanced. The proportions on the canvas weren't the same as the drawing in my sketchbook. I had to leave myself a note to remind myself that the aim isn't perfection. Once I started painting, it was simple and relaxing. I didn't feel the need to think deeply or analyze anything. I just enjoyed mixing and applying the paint.

Our next project has been less relaxing but it's because I was overthinking it too much. I'll write about it once it's done but here's how my canvas is set up.

On a bead related note: I left one of my chokers in a pair of pants that I put in the wash. But it came out intact! I'll see how it holds up but I am quite proud of my handiwork.

I hope the weather is decent wherever you are. It's the first day of spring and we're expecting a snow storm. That's New England for you.

The song is, "No Letting Go" by Wayne Wonder because it's a classic and gives me the feels every time. But big man ting. Is a serious tune.

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