Happy New Year everyone!

This will be a short post because I'm still not sure of the direction that I want to take the blog. (You can tell it's bad - I deeven have a picture for today. I guess my words alone will have to suffice.) I'm considering how frequently I want to post, whether I want to do a Sunday Currently every week or make it every other week, how the blog will look during breaks versus during school...lots of deep and meaningful questions I'm pondering over here.

Reading I just (re)started A Concise History of the Caribbean by B. W. Higman.

Writing Messages

Listening Music from a party I wasn't invited to. lol.

Thinking About where I want to take my blog.

Wishing I remembered to take a photo today.

Wearing Home clothes

Loving That I'm home.

Needing To tidy my dresser.

Feeling Blessed that I'm home and that I got to some of my friends in these last couple of days.

I plan to post again this week and to update my portfolio. I'd like to include more drawings from 2014 and drawings from my art class last semester. And thank you to everyone who watched my video and said positive things about it or sent good vibes my way.

Thanks for reading,

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