I haven't written about jewellery I made in a while so this post combines my latest ones. I made half at the end of summer last year and the other half during this break. There are bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces. No rings though. (Although I did make a friend a ring for her birthday last week.) A few of these are pieces I did before and decided to revist (and refine) and the others are completely new designs. Let's get hype!

Or not. You can be chill too. That's fine.

Bead and Wire Crochet Bracelets

I made these in 2013 I think. That's three years ago. Wow. You can find the first two at my Tumblr site: in green and blue and in black and white. I found the instructions in  The Beader's Handbook 2 - a publication by Bead & Button. I like that it combines beading and crochet and wire - all in one bracelet. I used a blue-green palette again but opted for red-pink for the second bracelet.

I started a third bracelet using pink and brown but it wasn't long enough to fit my wrist. I decided to turn it into a necklace (more like a choker) and started making a macrame rope at both ends. It's not finished because I need to figure out how to close it. I'm not sure if I should attach clasps, use a button, or just tie the ends.

Right Angle Weave Bracelets/Chokers

I like right angle weave because it's simple to work up a chain with it. I wasn't sure what I wanted to make when I started the first one (this was around finals period) but I knew I needed to make something. I started making a chain. I chose to make it long enough to be a bracelet with two layers because it looked bare when I wrapped it around once. It's also fun that it doubles as a choker. I've made three of them so far.

Stone Pendants

I've wanted to turn stones into pendants for a while but didn't sit down to try until this break. I used Beaded Colorways by Beverly Gilbert and her tutorial for turning stones or beach glass into pendants. My first turned out well but the stone is too heavy to be a comfortable pendant. I used a lighter stone the second time around. Finally, I played around with wire to turn a smaller and pointier stone into a pendant.

Beaded Medallion Earrings

Low-key, these earrings are my pride and joy. My first ones (the light blue-yellow-green ones) are still the profile photo for my Facebook page. The medallions themselves are a different pattern than my original because I was playing around with circular peyote stitch for earrings that I made the sibling for Christmas. Just like the first time, I originally planned to make a bracelet but switched to earrings.

And that's what I have to show for today. It's getting to the point where I admit that I have more jewellery than I can feasibly wear so if you know anyone who might like any of my pieces, head over to my Facebook page and drop me a message.

I must apologize. I have not added my drawings from last year to my portfolio. I don't like the quality of the photos I have. For now, I'll add these pieces and then do the drawings once I'm back at school.

Also! I hope you noticed that I have three little buttons at the top of my page (Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook). Disclaimer: I'm still debating whether I'm leaving my Instagram account public or private. We shall see. Oh! I also added a "Related Posts" thing at the bottom. You have no idea how proud I am of the Google searches I did to find these codes.

The song is "The Call" by Regina Spektor. This song still gives me feels about The Chronicles of Narnia.

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