Wah gwaan?

Real talk, I've been in the library for too long (I had to set up a motivational corner - the monkey and card) and I need to leave soon. But if I don't do this now, I'll end up scrambling at elven-fifty-something to get it in before midnight.

Oh! Fun fact about my life - my computer is back! I rely on it a lot more than I thought and I am very happy that I have it again.

Reading Nothing now. I got tired of working on my paper so I'm taking a break from reading for a while.

Writing Ditto for writing.

Listening "Gracious Tempest" by Hillsong

Thinking Whether I should eat next or do something else and then eat.

Wishing There were couches on this floor of the library. Then you wouldn't even have to leave to take a nap! (Can you tell I've been here too long?)

Hoping My productivity picks up after I eat.

Wearing A sweater I (borrowed) from my aunt.

Loving That this is the final stretch for this semester.

Needing To leave this building.

Feeling Slightly bad that I'm taking up a cubicle when I don't really need it. Fine. I'll leave now. lol.

I actually need to leave now. If you're preparing for finals - Best of luck. If you're doing anything else - Best of luck. As Kendrick would say, "We gon' be alright".

Thanks for reading,


  1. You know full and well your productivity NEVER picks up after you eat. But go on hopin

    1. Hahaha. This is true. It didn't go so well last night. =)


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