Hi friends,

I don't have many words to say right now so here's a photo of the state of my desk. (And aren't our desks just a representation of our lives? lol. Calm down Keren.) Right then - on to the list.

Reading Nothing because I'm heading to bed. Even though I did read Psalm 16 earlier and I felt like that reflects what I'm feeling/what I need to hear.

Writing My schedule for tomorrow.

Listening "All the Poor and Powerless" by All Sons & Daughters.

Thinking My room is almost at the point of messiness that it doesn't make sense to clean it. At least not until I'm done with finals.

Smelling One of those brownie-cookie-Oreo things. Or diabetes in a slice.

Wishing My computer screen wasn't acting up.

Hoping It starts behaving itself. Or at least until the end of finals. Jah know.

Wearing My sweatshirt from the Caribbean club on campus.

Loving That I have two more weeks until break.

Needing  To clear my bed. And do laundry.

Feeling Satisfied with what happened today.

I know. That was kind of dry but it's the best I have at the moment.

Thanks for reading,

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