Hello all,

I didn't plan to do a Sunday Currently but I've been deleting all that I tried typing so far so and my thoughts aren't coming together as fluidly as I'd like them to. It's also late and I try not to think too deeply when it's this close to midnight.

A few things I'm thankful for:

  • spending the weekend away from campus with a family that I adopted (they don't quite know it yet - I'm still finalizing the paperwork =P),
  • that I'm down to my final stretch of school, 
  • and life, because a friend of mine died on this day last year. 
I blog because it gives me joy. I kept telling myself that I was to busy the past few weeks to do it but I'm realizing that I can take a few minutes for myself to write these thoughts. 

Finally, a disclaimer. Sunday Currently is not my brain child. I found it from a blogger (Sidda Thornton) and she talks about it here. It's a model that anyone is free to use. [= 

Reading Nothing at the moment. I do need to catch up on some Anthro reading though.

Writing A post for later this week about some baking that I did. [=

Listening The heavy breathing of my roommate coming back in from the cold.

Thinking That if I wrote down all the thoughts I had I probably wouldn't sleep tonight.

Smelling My bissy tea. I'm positive it has healing properties.

Wishing That more people drove safely.

Hoping Not sure. Check with me when I wake up I guess.

Wearing A sweater that's in one of my grandmother's favourite colours.

Loving That it's almost December.

Needing To clear my bed and my table and then sleep.

Feeling Tired but happy that I wrote this. Also proud that I'll be able to publish it before midnight. =D

Those are the thoughts I have right now. The photo I choose is supposed to be a photo from the day. This photo is the background for one of my drawing pieces.

Thanks for reading,


Keep them coming but keep them clean!

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