Hello all,

I didn't plan to do a Sunday Currently but I've been deleting all that I tried typing so far so and my thoughts aren't coming together as fluidly as I'd like them to. It's also late and I try not to think too deeply when it's this close to midnight.

A few things I'm thankful for:

  • spending the weekend away from campus with a family that I adopted (they don't quite know it yet - I'm still finalizing the paperwork =P),
  • that I'm down to my final stretch of school, 
  • and life, because a friend of mine died on this day last year. 
I blog because it gives me joy. I kept telling myself that I was to busy the past few weeks to do it but I'm realizing that I can take a few minutes for myself to write these thoughts. 

Finally, a disclaimer. Sunday Currently is not my brain child. I found it from a blogger (Sidda Thornton) and she talks about it here. It's a model that anyone is free to use. [= 

Reading Nothing at the moment. I do need to catch up on some Anthro reading though.

Writing A post for later this week about some baking that I did. [=

Listening The heavy breathing of my roommate coming back in from the cold.

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One day I will write a Sunday Currently when the sun is still in the sky. (Which will be an even more impressive week now that Daylight Savings is over and it's going to be dark by 4 or 5 pm. Yay Winter!)

Happy first of November. We're down to two months. I have no words of wisdom this week - it's going to be a busy one. (I feel like a scratched record with how frequently I use the word, "busy". Ah well. Such is life.)

On to the things!

Reading Nothing because I have taken in as many readings as my brain can handle for today.

Writing This blog post and probably in my journal before I sleep.

Listening To my keys clacking and someone going upstairs. (Sucks to live on the fourth floor when there's no elevator. Lol. Too mean? Possibly.)

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