Hi all,

The photo this week is of a Jamaican restaurant (Tina's) on Federal Hill in Providence. A friend and I wanted to check out a dessert place and on the way back we ran into a street fair of sorts. It was my first time on Federal Hill (I am slightly ashamed to admit that) but it's all good because it's a part of my goal to see more places in Providence. If I posted a Sunday Currently  last week, the photo would have been of my desk in all it's glory: books and papers stacked in a corner, books and papers strewn across the desk, random pens, pencils and sticky notes, and the plastic wrapper for a fork. It's been a long week. But! My first round of midterms is over, I visited a new part of Providence, and now I have to catch up on readings. Haha.

Here we go.

Reading Carbon Democracy by Timothy Mitchell for class and slowly but surely realizing that I may not have time to read this from cover to cover. Sigh. This life.

Writing Lists on lists on lists.

Listening "Can't Go On" by Group 1 Crew and appreciating how true the lyrics of that song are.

Thinking That I need to let my brain rest soon.

Smelling The remains of my salad.

Wishing All weekends were three day weekends.

Hoping I get a decent amount of work done tomorrow.

Wearing A fuzzy shoe-sock hybrid.

Loving That there's no school tomorrow because of Indigenous Peoples Day.

Needing To clear my desk. lol

Feeling Pretty okay right now. [=

That's what I have for now and I don't really have much else to say. I hope you (whoever you are) are feeling pretty okay about your Sundays. But if not, that's okay as well.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Is a fuzzy shoe sock hybrid permissible in public as a shoe?

    1. =D
      Permissible - probably. But the real question is whether or not I want it sullied by the outside world. =p

    2. The outside world is a scary place full of terrors and dangers....like puddles.

    3. That's what I always say. Finally someone understands.


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