Hi all,

How you doing? But really, how are you doing?

The past couple of weeks have shown me how easy it is to disregard that question and give a pre-recorded answer. I'm not saying that you need to give everyone in a five-foot radius a play-by-play of your week every time someone passes and says, "How are you?" but that you should pause and consider it for yourself.

Life goes in waves for me. Sometimes the tide is up to my knees and I have papers, projects, and other commitments all scheduled for the same time. Moments when I can't even respond to messages from people. Then there are moments when the waves barely reach my toes and I'm amazed at the free time that I have.

The pastor talked about peace in church today and it was a message that I really needed to hear. Even though things ebb and flow, God is still with me.

Reading A novel for pleasure. LOL! Nope. I'm currently alternating between Anthropology homework and online magazines. This life.

Writing Notes for my readings - and by notes I mean four line summaries so I have a vague idea of what I read.

Listening To my friends' podcast on Zombies. I'm listening because i) they're my friends and ii) I miss hearing Jamaicans speak.

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Hi all,

The photo this week is of a Jamaican restaurant (Tina's) on Federal Hill in Providence. A friend and I wanted to check out a dessert place and on the way back we ran into a street fair of sorts. It was my first time on Federal Hill (I am slightly ashamed to admit that) but it's all good because it's a part of my goal to see more places in Providence. If I posted a Sunday Currently  last week, the photo would have been of my desk in all it's glory: books and papers stacked in a corner, books and papers strewn across the desk, random pens, pencils and sticky notes, and the plastic wrapper for a fork. It's been a long week. But! My first round of midterms is over, I visited a new part of Providence, and now I have to catch up on readings. Haha.

Here we go.

Reading Carbon Democracy by Timothy Mitchell for class and slowly but surely realizing that I may not have time to read this from cover to cover. Sigh. This life.

Writing Lists on lists on lists.

Listening "Can't Go On" by Group 1 Crew and appreciating how true the lyrics of that song are.

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