Hello there. Happy Sunday if it's still Sunday wherever you are. I am officially done with DDCSP and I'm still processing that. But I'm home and I'm very thankful for that. Here is my fifth Sunday Currently. Read it if you'd like. If not, it's all good.

All the emails I've been putting off.

Writing Reflections on DDCSP. 

Listening "Alright" by Kendrick Lamar - one of the unofficial theme songs for our cohort.

Thinking I really don't want to forget the things I learned in the past eight weeks - the experiences, conversations, and everything in between.

Smelling Ginger tea with lime because I have a sore throat.

Wishing  My cohort would show up at my doorstep and we'll pile into UCars and drive around JA.

Hoping I'll get to meet up with some of them during the year.

Wearing A plain T-shirt and shorts and still sweating profusely.

Loving That I'm home.

Needing To go to the hairdresser. Okay, it's not that bad. I'm just too lazy to do anything with my hair for a long while. Haha.

Feeling Sad that the program is over but happy that I'm home.

I mentioned that I'm working on reflections on the program. I want to sort out the thoughts in my head and have some closure. Then I'll move on to the other ideas in my head about jewellery and seeing friends and getting ready for my second (!) year at university.

Thanks for reading,

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