Yes. Those are actual bear marks. Photo credit to Alicia. [= 

I'm in a small study room with three other friends trying to focus on a story that will be my final presentation. If you couldn't tell, I'm not doing the best at focusing right now. 

We're back in the Seattle and back at home base. Last week we were on the Olympic Peninsula. The first few days were at the Quinalt Indian Nation. We saw some of their natural resources and learned about their history. Then we went to Forks and saw no vampires or werewolves. We learned things about forestry, fisheries, and dam removals. 

Now I'm going to stop talking because I'm making tea in about ten minutes and I could really do with some gingermint.

Reading: Some of my old posts/writings for ideas.

Writing: The first draft of my "Conservation Story". 

Listening: "Watch Out For This (Bumaye) by Major Lazer featuring Busy Signal, The Flexican and FS Green.

Thinking: I honestly couldn't tell you. It seems not much is going on upstairs at the moment.

Smelling: Milk chocolate M&Ms

Wishing: I had one more day in the weekend.

Hoping: Tomorrow is cooler than today was.

Wearing: A skirt because I've been wearing exercise-type clothes all week and it was pretty hot today.

Loving: That I got to talk/Skype with my family today.

Needing: To edit my draft.

Feeling: Like a boss because I finished typing this with a minute to spare before tea time. [=

I hope you had a restful weekend and that you laughed multiple times. I'm going to go make some tea now.

Thanks for reading,


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