Disclaimer: I'm writing from the backseat of our van. I realize that it's not Sunday but if you keep reading, you'll see why and you'll forgive me. I plan on fixing the formatting once I get on my computer. With that out of the way, leggo.
always forget the wonders of technology. We've been on the road for Week 3 in areas with limited cell and wireless connection. I'm not complaining - it's nice not having your phone with you to check your messages or your computer with you to scroll through a news feed. With all the camping and moving, I wasn't sure if I'd get to do my second Sunday Currently. I got into the sleeping bag and resigned to do it next week when I realized that my phone had 3G! It made me happy. Until I realized that I had two bars. Which brings me to where I am now. Sitting up in my sleeping bag, writing my second Sunday Currently on my phone's Notes. 

I mentioned that we've been camping and hiking and we'll be on the road until this weekend. The official theme for last week was Shifting Baselines. We stayed in the North Cascades. We hiked, learned about beavers, canoed, studied more concepts, and then some. We finished the week by car-camping in another national park which was exciting for me since it was my first time. 

On to the Sunday Currently:

Reading: Nothing. The last thing I read was a Pizza Hut menu. lol

Writing: In my journal about the last few days.

Listening: To my tent mate sleeping and the conversations in the tents around me. Wow. That makes me sound creepy. 

Thinking: About the conversations I've had today and the ones I was supposed to have but didn't remember until now. Jah know. :/

Smelling: This tent. It doesn't have any particular smell which is good. 

Wishing: We didn't have to wake up so early tomorrow. 

Hoping: The slugs stay away from my tent. 

Wearing: Layers. 

Loving: That I'm in a sleeping bag right now. 

Needing: To go to sleep right after this. 

Feeling: That I need down time tomorrow to process what I learned last week. 

It is now 11:46 pm Pacific Standard Time. I will attempt to post this and if not I'll just do it tomorrow. I hope your respective weeks went well. [=

Thanks for reading,


  1. I hope you remember google maps when you get lost.

    1. Haha! How could I forget? Once you've been exposed, there's no turning back.


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