I'm guilty of taking my home for granted. Whenever I mention that Jamaica is my home, people conjure up images of pristine beaches, warm sunshine and tropical forests. We do have these but when they're always there it's easy to forget. You get caught up in the grind of every day or you want to go but you don't have the time to. I'm trying to remedy this so last week I visited Galina Lighthouse in St. Mary on Labour Day.

Our initial plan was to visit Castleton Botanical Gardens. My mother says we used to go there and have picnics when we were smaller but I don't remember. I checked their website to see if they would be open since Labour Day is a public holiday. It turns out that they only close two times a year - National Heroes' Day and National Labour Day. We thought about going somewhere else and the typical tourist sites came to mind - Port Royal, Ocho Rios, or Devon House - but we didn't want to go somewhere we've been recently. I went to the Jamaica National Heritage Trust's website and looked at locations in St. Mary. That's how we found Galina Lighthouse.

I've always liked car rides. I can eat, sleep or just stare out the window. Now that I'm doing driving lessons, I realize those activities have one thing in common - I'm the passenger and not the driver. I usually read during long car trips but this time I was happy to look out the window and appreciate my country's beauty. Here are some photos from the drive.

We made it to Galina without getting lost and asked some people in the area how to get to the lighthouse. It was off a beaten trail but once we made it through, there was a nice corridor and the lighthouse stood tall at the end. I'm not going to use many words to describe it since I took pictures but I definitely enjoyed the isolation. Beyond the lighthouse was a rocky outcrop and then the sea. I wasn't bothered that there was no beach or sand because I liked having the waves beat against the rock and just sitting and feeling the spray from the sea.

I liked that we were the only ones there. It's refreshing to realize that there are places where you can be alone with your thoughts for a while. Visiting Galina Lighthouse made me want to see more of the lesser-known sites in Jamaica. I may even come up with a list. And with a project like that, I know there's no need to rush - I'll just visit places as the opportunity arises.

The song is "Hold Back the River" by James Bay. If you've visited some lesser-known but still beautiful sites recently, comment below and let me know!

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  1. Loved this excursion, Keren :D It's a pretty neat feeling when you find unfamiliar spots in a familiar place. And, I love James Bay!!! Look up Heavy Handed or Scars. So good.

    1. Em! Thank you. These trips reminded me of what you did last year so the song was appropriate. I'll definitely check those out. [=


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