I am Keren (sometimes I need to remind myself) and I like to make things. I'm in my second semester of school and work is work and classes are work as well. I actually feel that I have more work this semester than last which has taken, is taking, and will continue to take getting used to. It's okay though. One thing that isn't okay is that I have my lovely box of "creative things" and the only time I've touched it is to move it every time I need something from the box beneath it.

This post is about my mini-experiments with paper and watercolours over Christmas break. I painted on paper and the backs of index cards, cut out a design on cardstock, and played around with Adobe Illustrator. I'll focus on the painting this week and talk about the paper-cutting and Illustrator things next week.

I had some leftover watercolours from high school. The index cards I used are 6 x 4 inches. I painted three things but I can't find the third. It was of my teddies on the sofa at home. Ah well. I'll probably find them when I pack up at the end of the semester. Here are the other two:

Plants line the wall in our apartment complex. I could see those three from my window. I know two are bougainvilleas and I'm not sure what the center one is.

My second index card painting stemmed from a sketch I made some time last semester. I was thinking of doing a set of images for Matthew 6:25-34 - an image for each verse maybe and then combining them into a booklet. Now that I remember it I should go back to that once I have time.

The sketch:

Here's the watercolour version:

My next paint project was a bookmark. It doesn't look as good as it did in the beginning but you can get the idea. The dimensions are 8.5 x 2.25 inches. I planned to put a quote in the blank space but nothing has inspired me enough yet.

That's what I have for now. I want to post more regularly so I'll have to take the advice of someone wise who once told me that I need to make time for my projects. I shall try.

I hope you see signs of warmer weather if you're in a cold-weather place. If not, I hope you enjoy the warmth that you have. (Of course warmth isn't lo mas que importante but it really helps.)

The song is "Who You Know" by Derek Minor. When it came up on my music mix, I assumed it was a hip-hop song that would feature cursing then I looked and saw that it was Derek Minor. I don't know what all the lines mean but it's a fun song.

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