I am Keren (sometimes I need to remind myself) and I like to make things. I'm in my second semester of school and work is work and classes are work as well. I actually feel that I have more work this semester than last which has taken, is taking, and will continue to take getting used to. It's okay though. One thing that isn't okay is that I have my lovely box of "creative things" and the only time I've touched it is to move it every time I need something from the box beneath it.

This post is about my mini-experiments with paper and watercolours over Christmas break. I painted on paper and the backs of index cards, cut out a design on cardstock, and played around with Adobe Illustrator. I'll focus on the painting this week and talk about the paper-cutting and Illustrator things next week.

I had some leftover watercolours from high school. The index cards I used are 6 x 4 inches. I painted three things but I can't find the third. It was of my teddies on the sofa at home. Ah well. I'll probably find them when I pack up at the end of the semester. Here are the other two:

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I want to try something new with this blog. Hi there. I'm back because I'm on a break now and I have time to breathe. I want to write about things other than my creations. I like blogging - it helps me clear my thoughts a bit but I don't always have time to work on new projects. What that means, is that depending on how this goes, I may create blog posts about different topics and not just my latest crochet/jewellery/craft piece.

The topic is Lent.

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