I left my beads at home for this first semester because of limited time and the first year of university and small dorm rooms. I'm probably going to leave them at home again - you'll see more crochet things in the coming months. But I was happy to be home and happy to have my beads again. I decided to make rings. My sister's friend came over and liked one of my brick stitch rings from a while back and that spurred me to try new and old things with rings. I don't have much to say about each but I do have pictures!

1. Circular brick stitch

I want to make earrings and have a set using the pattern.


2. RAW

These were just three rows or right angle weave. Eight beads in each unit.

3. RAW and then some

This was right angle weave but with a sort of netted embellishment at the top. I've done it before for bracelets (here's one) but never for rings. I'm not sure if I like the ring. The colours are fine but it doesn't stay flat because of the embellishment.

4. Daisy chain

Three rows of it. I decided to use Jamaican colours because I'm home and I like my country. Even though I was a bit concerned that the greens were a bit much then I told myself to chill because it's just a ring and it turned out well.

That's what I have for rings for now. I'm working on a few smaller things for before I leave. I may or may not post again before then. I make no promises.

The song is humain à l'eau by Stromae. I never really liked French until I started listening to him. My hope is to become fluent by listening to his music. Pipe dream? We'll see. [=

Also! I know a lovely girl on a gap year who's doing some pretty cool things. Check out her explorations. I don't know if I've done this before but if I have, no shame.

Thanks for reading and until next time,

PS. I know this defeats the purpose but look at the title. See what I did? Christmas? On the fifth day my true love gave to me. There. That's my geek moment for the week. =D


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