Last semester I did an art class.

I did art but this was different than last year. The class was very open-ended. We would get a prompt, have a week to work on it, and spend two class periods doing critiques once they were complete.

Lessons Learned

1. Don't watch no face
Envy, jealousy, thinking other people are better than you aren't beneficial or pleasant or uplifting. It's just no fun. Since we were allowed to choose our media for most of our projects, few projects were alike. There were paintings, stencil cut-outs, computer-generated drawings, sculptures, the works. I realized that I could sit down and wish my things looked like other people's but I'd probably just go mad. So I made a conscious decision not to.

2. Make the most of what I have
Most of my pieces used pencil crayons because I had pencil crayons. I'm not sure how much art I'm going to do moving forward and I didn't want to buy sets of paint that I'd only use once.

3. Relax and have fun with it
I stopped worrying about whether my ideas were deep or intellectual. I made Box!  - a box filled with crochet chains that you had to stick your hand in and trust that I wasn't crazy - because I like soft things and I wanted people to be surprised and excited. I made the map of my Esterana because I wanted people to check for themselves whether there is an island southeast of Jamaica.

Here's some of what I did.

Home is where


15°N, 74°W

There you go.  I don't quite know what art is but I know that I like making things.

The song is "Honey, I'm Good" by Andy Grammer because it's a feel-good song and the video makes me smile.

Happy New Year,


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