This semester is almost over and it has been a ride. Finals are coming up in the next few weeks and then I get to go back home. This is going to be another shorter post - to keep me sane. A lot has been going on in the world and a lot will go on so I'm going to keep it simple and just talk about a few things I've made. Actually, one thing I've made, one thing I haven't finished and one thing I'm working on now.

Puff Stitch Cell Phone Case!


This project makes me happy. The tutorial was for a sunglasses case but I wear glasses and I already have a case for them. The colours remind me of the beach - especially the darker blue with the specks in it. Once I got the hang of the puff (or bobble) stitch it was pretty simple to work up.

Fingerless Gloves

I started these a while back using a pattern ("Elegant Fingerless Gloves") in the book Crochet One Skein Wonders. I started them in August to be exact. The first glove went well - I encountered a rough patch once I got to the fingers but I worked through it. The second glove didn't want to cooperate with me. I got to the fingers and tried a ting for the pinkie. Then I got confused and tried to see if the others could work out. It was hurting my brain so I decided to chill and limit the stress in my life. I'd say I will go back to them but I don't think I have enough yarn - I used a lot in the cell phone case.

I only managed the pinkie

Puff Stitch Fingerless Gloves!


It looks like I decided to combine my last two projects. These have been going well. I finished one hand. The only thing is that I'm making my bobble differently than the pattern-maker said. I'm doing it like the bobble from the case except I yarn over 4 times. The hole for the thumb is a bit snug but it'll stretch with time.

Yay for self timers!

With this blog, I wonder what to talk about. I don't want to share too much about my life because I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist and because I worry about giving out unnecessary details. Yet I like blogs that are a bit personal. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing. My style of writing will change with time.

The song is "Start Over" by FLAME featuring NF.

I'd like to impart words of wisdom on what I think about the hard things going on in the news and hard things in general but I don't feel qualified to do that. I'll keep praying.

Thanks for reading,

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