I said I'd write again and here it is. One finished project and two in the works.

1. Magic Carpet

I'm not sure about the name but "right-angle-weave pendant with macrame straps" is a bit of a mouthful. I made another of these. I made a matching ring as well. It has flown off my hand twice and I've almost lost it once. Safe to say I'm not going to wear it for now. Last thing to note, these metallic beads never show up the way I'd like them to in pictures. The colours aren't as vivid as they really are. That's why I have a blurry picture - I think it shows the colours better.

Stone pendant

I found this link while idling on Pinterest and I decided to try it. I've seen things like that before but never thought to stop and do it but for some reason yesterday I saw it and decided that was the day. It wasn't very time consuming either. I'm not sure what I'll do with it or if I will do anything. My only problem is the black wire showing up against the pink frame. 

Braided Bracelet

I'm going to make another of these. There's no blog post because I made it during that dark time in my life when I stopped blogging. [= I found the inspiration in one of my beading books. I would tell you them name but it's not here so I don't actually remember it. Anywho, here's where I am. The tab and the strands are both square stitch.

The song is "Joyful Noise" by FLAME featuring Lecrae and John Reilly. This was one of the first Christian hip-hop songs I heard. It's a very touching "throwback". =]

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