There is good news and bad news.

Bad news

Remember my Batman keychain? I saw my friend last week and he showed me this:

It seems one of the beads broke so that part came undone. After I dried my tears I got to fixing it.

Good News

It's not as neat in that section but at least it's better. I felt like a surgeon. A bit dramatic but beads mean a lot to me.

More Good News

I got tired of seeing the safety pins and telling myself that I needed to get more. I decided to use what I had to make the bracelet. I put 6/0 beads between the pins. I like this better than my first one. The bracelet is lighter and you get to see each pin - they had a tendency to crowd each other in my first.

The song is "Nothing I Can't Do" by Tedashii featuring Trip Lee and Lecrae.

I plan on posting again later this week. Look out for that. 

I hope your week started off well.



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