Part of me doesn't want to say it but summer is essentially over. Next week I'll be an official university(!) student.

Before I get sappy, let me show you what I'm working on. I've been working on it for a while actually. I just haven't sat down and put a concerted effort in. They are the "Elegant Fingerless Gloves" in Crochet One-Skein Wonders. I'm not sure if the thread and hook I'm using are right for it. The pattern calls for me to do a few more rows before adding the individual fingers but I think I'm going to stop where I am. Round 13.

I did a bead inventory of sorts last week. For some reason I decided to take out everything I had bead related and put it on my bed. 

I won't lie, it gave me a bit of anxiety. I was excited to see all I have and also irrationally nervous that I wouldn't be able to do them all justice. I banished that thought from my head though. Only positive vibrations around here. 

I have some news to share. You guys more than likely won't see me working with any beads for the rest of this year. Am I talking crazy talk? Yes. But it's true. I didn't pack any beads. What with the first term of school and settling in and all that jazz I decided to put the beads on pause. It took willpower - I won't lie - and don't be surprised if I break down and beg my parents to send me a care barrel of all my bead things. I think I can handle it though. I'll have crochet, calligraphy(!), and of course, work to occupy my time.

Exciting times all around. To be honest, I'm not sure how active I'll be on the blog over the next few weeks. Thanks for bearing with me this summer. Here are two collages of my projects:

I leave with this memento from camp:

The song is "Who Knows" by Protoje featuring Chronixx.

I'm pleased, to be chilling in the West Indies
Jah provides all my wants and needs
I've got the sunshine, rivers and trees

Until next time,


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