This week was not as turned up as the last two in terms of projects. Between a summer job and camp meetings and traffic and life, I just didn't have time to make a bagful of things. I've decided to share pictures from this week instead and show the bracelet/headband that I made today.

1. Crochet wrap bracelet/headband

Creating-wise I'm working on a pair of gloves but I'm busy untangling the yarn and I bought some yarn to make a scarf or tam for a friend.

Unrelated photos from this week!

1. My hair

I've been thinking a lot about my hair this week. Part of me is thinking about changing the style - which doesn't seem like a big deal right? Until you realize that I'm thinking about locs which are pretty much permanent and have to be cut off if you don't want them anymore.

2.  My children

Close your jaws. I don't have children. I'm a counsellor at a summer camp and I work with the children five years old and younger. They can frustrate you to no end but you really can't stay upset with them. Look at those tiny hands molding play-doh.

3.  Rain

The dogs are the subject of the photo but when I uploaded it the dryness caught my attention more than anything. 

4. Kingston at nighttime 

The song is "Now They Know" by 116 ( Lecrae, Andy Mineo, KB, Tedashii).

That's all I have for now.



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