I've been almost two weeks with Internet. It's borderline amazing how much you can do when you're disconnected. It's actually amazing when you realize that you use the Internet for so much. I'd love to say that my time without Internet permanently changed me and I have decided to disconnect from this screen-obsessed world but as soon as I got wireless I binged. Lol. As my friend would say, "Home is where the wireless connects automatically."


The lack of Internet prompted me to finish some pieces that I'd neglected a bit.

1.  The surprise!


My teaser from last week was Batman. I made a keyring with the Batman symbol for my friend who is obsessed with Batman. =D The pattern wasn't a beadweaving site but the position of the beads were like peyote so it worked out well. Plus I could see the numbered rows which made following the pattern that much simpler. I had fun making it and I was even happier when my friend gasped when he opened it. =D

2. Beaded star coins

I made these in Week 7 of my jewellery class. I made one into a ring and the other into a bracelet. I just added jump rings to the coin for the bracelet and attached it to the chain.

The ring was more involved because I decided to make the strap from ribbon. I ran the ribbon through the coin and decided to use a glue gun to clasp it. Not my neatest work but it worked. The ring is a bit small for me though.

3. Bobby pins!

I'm not sure why but these make me very excited. Remember my "In Progress" section where I showed the motifs that I planned on making into earrings? No? Well here it is. It was during the World Cup so I understand if you were distracted. I decided to make those into cute little bobby pins. =D I glued felt to the bobby pins and then attached it to the motifs. I even made little cards for them (i.e. punched two holes in pieces of cardstock).

The song is "Funkytown" by Lipps Inc. We had this song on a Disco mix. I've heard it at least fifty-three times but I had no idea who sang it until now. 

Words fail me but I'd like to leave a charge, suggestion, thought - Spend time with friends. Most times spending money and taking time off just be out of your routine is well worth it.

Until next time,


Keep them coming but keep them clean!

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