This week was not as turned up as the last two in terms of projects. Between a summer job and camp meetings and traffic and life, I just didn't have time to make a bagful of things. I've decided to share pictures from this week instead and show the bracelet/headband that I made today.

1. Crochet wrap bracelet/headband

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I've been almost two weeks with Internet. It's borderline amazing how much you can do when you're disconnected. It's actually amazing when you realize that you use the Internet for so much. I'd love to say that my time without Internet permanently changed me and I have decided to disconnect from this screen-obsessed world but as soon as I got wireless I binged. Lol. As my friend would say, "Home is where the wireless connects automatically."


The lack of Internet prompted me to finish some pieces that I'd neglected a bit.

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I think you know but I'm back at home for summer. I've been doing some spring cleaning. I felt very accomplished when I cleared three shelves on one of my bookcases (and by cleared, I mean I threw some things away and moved the things I was unsure about to another pile - to be dealt with later.) The satisfied feeling faded when I spoke to my sister who reminded me of my other bookcase, and my boxes, and my dresser, and everything else. Haha. Oh sisters. You just have to love the gentle way they tell you to get your act together. [=

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I had an idea to do a Creation-A-Day challenge for July because I have a friend who is doing one for his poetry. I mentioned it to Mommy and she suggested that I make it a Creation-Every-Other-Day challenge for my sanity. Makes sense. However, I shall not do a daily or every-other-daily challenge. I'll just keep creating things.

This week I made a tam, earrings and a surprise.

1. Crochet tam


I'm still trying to make the perfect hat for my hair. Remember when I ran out of yarn? I tried again and looked for the simplest pattern I could find. The one I used was only 9 rows. Can someone say, "Score!" Bulky yarn is fun because it's so big so you just do more with each little stitch you do. That wasn't the most literate thing I've said, I know, but it's true. Bulky yarn rules. Except when it doesn't. It was harder for me to see my stitches. It was mainly me trying a ting for each new row. It worked though so no complaints. I added another row after 8 because it was smaller than I wanted it to be.

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