I guess I was getting a bit tired of the beads. Actually, I don't think that's possible but I did feel it was time to play with some yarn. Here's what I worked on this week.

1. A headband


The pattern called for something bigger. It was supposed to make earwarmers but who in her/his right mind wants an 8 inch band of woven yarn around the head when it's thirty degrees Celsius inside? (That's eighty-six Fahrenheit for you non-metric folks out there.)

So I used eight chain stitches as my base instead of twenty. It took a while to get the pattern correctly but I started over and then got the rhythm.

2. A Scrunchie


Okay. I didn't make the scrunchie but I did make a pretty flower for the scrunchie. You attach the yarn to the scrunchie and from there you crochet a strip and then twist it into a flower.

I wish I had more scrunchies here so I could make more but oh well. My friend would say, "Such is the ghetto life."

3. Earrings


I like flowers. I made a pair like this in red and wouldn't you know - I saw an aunt (aka a very close family friend) in the supermarket the same day I made them. I wore them because I wanted to show them off. No shame. It worked because she noticed them! So I gave them to her. =D I made another pair in white. So go to the supermarket, someone may have something for you.

Let's be real - probably not. =p

4. A thing


I'm not sure what it is. I wanted to make a Granny Square so I did. Then I wasn't sure what I'd do with just one so I made three more. Then I realized, four served no real purpose either. I finally decided to stitch them together into a square. I guess I could call it a handkerchief? It's about 6 inches by 6 inches. Whatever I decide to do with it, I know I can make a Granny Square now.

Two squares in their non-joined state.

5. A lesson in symmetry

I tried making these earrings and things were going well until I finished and realized it was off-center. =D But that's okay. I'll try again eventually.

I'm learning that I like crocheting/beading smaller things. Granted, the biggest things I've done are scarves. They were fun but they take so long. And in my heart, I live in a tropical island so the fact that scarves are a thing that I need at times just doesn't sit well with me.

With all the crochet I'm doing, I feel like I should get a rocking chair so I can pretend to be a quaint old lady with her bag of yarn and a couple of cats around the house. Was the stereotypical of me? Probably. =)

The song is "Awesome" by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago.

Thanks for reading!


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