It's Father's Day! I have three things to show.

1. A keychain


I crocheted a flower. I planned on making earrings but decided to do a keychain instead. I added a bead thing and a button.  This was fun to make. It's cute and simple and I like blues and greens. Here it is.

2. Granny Square bracelet


Since I learned how to make granny squares I could finally use this pattern. I used one of those hook clasps to close it. It's a bit annoying to fasten so I'll try something else on my next one. To add the clasps I stitched them with the crochet which was better than sewing them on separately.

Here's the bracelet:

The one I'm working on now:

3. Safety pin bracelet

I actually got into beads, four years ago, because of a safety pin bracelet. I wanted to make one for my Spanish  teacher at the time. From there I started my fascination, obsession with beads.

I made another a couple of years ago. It took a ridiculously long time because silly me decided to put the beads on the other side of the pin - as in open it up and slip them on the other side - rather than risk the beads falling off. Someone saw the bracelet and she liked it so I decided to try another. I checked the Internet and they showed me a simpler way - just close the pin with pliers and no worries about it falling off.

My old one:

Here's where I am with the pins so far. I need a lot more. 

That's it for this week. I'm a bit scattered - the television is on. Hope you had a good week!

The song is "Wanted Children" by Bunny Wailer because my daddy likes this song.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I wrote this before 12 am so I stand by my declaration that it's Father's Day.

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