Did you know that I do art too? How would you? I've rarely mentioned it. Looking back at all the times I've felt like I have "done"enough or "made" enough - the times I've felt I wasn't devoting enough energy to creating - I realize that I should have just told myself to calm down. I seem to forget that I also go to school and take classes and spend time with people around me - my time is divided into pieces. One of those pieces is for jewellery, another for crochet but today I'm going to show another piece - my art.

It's so weird for me to say "my art". I typically see myself as an academic. I've always liked art and drawing and such but I didn't think I was good enough/didn't devote as much time to it. That's why I decided to take an art class. Spring 2013 I did an Intro to Studio Art course at my school and then 2013 -2014 I took AP Studio Art. Which was a ride. =D  We had a hilarious time in class. My accent and Jamaican-ness (whatever that means) provided many jokes. Our teacher was, is brilliant but also slightly deranged (he knows it though, so it's fine). It's amazing we got work done actually.

One thing I learned and I'm very happy I did is that art can be taught to some level. I've grown up with the idea that you're either born creative or artistic or you're not but that's not the truth. Woe to all infants who just didn't have that creative gene in them. I imagined it was shaped like a lightbulb - the fuel-efficient spiral kind.

But it turns out that creativity is not a lightbulb swirling around in your blood stream! Even those who prefer plaid instead of tie-dye can draw. I have firm faith in that now. Mommy was flipping through my work, then at about the fifth picture she said, "So where's your work Keren?" Valid question. I never would have thought that I could draw half of the things I did.

Now I realize I can draw and I like it!. I have no idea what I'll do with it - take some classes at school or even forgo school and sell hand tie-dyed shirts on the roadside - but I know I can draw. There are still parts of me that doubt but then I just tell those parts to shut up because I know the work and effort and tears I put into my work. But I shall stop now because it's summer and I'm not in the mood for quasi-existential questions about the Meaning of Life and what I'll do When I Grow Up. 

I know. Too much typing. Not enough pictures. 

Here's a bit of what I've done.


It's summer. Of course I have multiple ideas flying around in my head. I want to make jewellery, crochet, cook, read, write. Who even knows what will happen? Certainly not me. And I'm pretty fine with that.

I also think I should mention that I'm done with high school which is a big enough deal. Or maybe it isn't and people just make it seem like it is. Who knows? I feel like I should have this deep awareness of who I am and see how I've changed but I don't feel different. Like how you think you'll transform on your birthday - even if just a small bit. I guess that's life? You move on to new phases and places. No fanfare necessary.

The song is "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay. Another song that I haven't listened to in a while. It came up on my shuffle as I wrote this.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. [=



  1. you are so talented

    1. Thank you. [= But a lot of credit definitely goes to my teacher.

  2. Funny enough, I was listening to Coldplay as I read this (Yes I read this and marvel over your awesomeness) Love your drawings friend xD

    1. Because Coldplay is pretty cool. Thanks Ash. [=

  3. I didn't know you did these. Snap. Keren, these look good.
    The tea setting one. The toy water guns one. What?!

    1. Lol. Thanks Kez. I can do a ting sometimes. :)


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