I mentioned last night/this morning that I got started with jewellery because of a safety pin bracelet. That's really how all of this has happened. I'm not even sure why the idea came into my head - I can't tell you where I first saw a safety pin bracelet. I just know that I did and I decided that I wanted to make one. We bought the beads and safety pins from a pharmacy and I went home and began to work. For some reason we didn't get the elastic - I ended up using a piece of elastic we had lying around. The bracelet was actually on the verge of falling apart when I gave it to my teacher. (It's the thought that counts?)

I say that to say that I didn't wake up one morning and know how to create projects that I'm doing now. My first bracelet was made of safety pins and elastic that was bound to break at any moment. From there, I moved on to adding beads to elastic to make simple bracelets. It was World Cup season so I made a few blue-white, red-yellow, blue-yellow-green ones. =D

That's where I began. Nothing flashy.


This website has nice instructions for making a safety pin bracelet. They gave me the tip about using the pliers.

Look at it if you're interested. Beads are fun. That's why I use them. If you want to make jewellery but aren't sure where to start just remember that you can start small. Beads and elastic. Drop a message in the comment box if you have questions about any of this. I may not seem it, but that would probably make my week - talking to someone about beads or crochet or making things in general. =D

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