I worked on square stitch this week. The bead pattern is similar to beading on a loom so I ended up using a loomwork book for one of my projects. For the other I used a pattern I found online. I made a bracelet and a beaded bead.

The bracelet:

The pattern was from Bead Weaving on a Loom by Fran Ortmeyer and Carol C. Porter. It took about three hours to make the pattern and then I added the chain.

The beaded bead

I used this pattern. The core of the bead is alternating black and white 8/0 beads and then I embellished with the multicoloured 11/0 beads.

This is a short post because I had a busy - but good - weekend. I have some work to do now. The song is "Heartbeat" by The Fray because it was playing when I started this post.

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