I just realized that last week was the half-way point for this term. Crazy.

I worked on brick stitch this week. I haven't used it a lot in the past so it was refreshing to use it this week. I made a bracelet, a ring, and a pair of earrings.

The bracelet was just two beads building on the stack below.

The beads:

The bracelet:

I wanted to make a brick stitch diamond. I wasn't sure what to do with it then I decided to make it into a ring. I just added two strings of beads to the diamond. I cut the tail short but luckily it made it through.

The beads:

The ring:

My last project was a pair of earrings. I got the design/pattern from Seed Bead Stitching by Beth Stone. It's a combination of brick stitch and peyote stitch and I liked seeing how easily they could be combined.

The beads:

The earrings:

I'm working on square stitch next week which is simple and uniform. I'll see what I do with it.

The song is "The Reason" by Hoobastank. I remembered this song for some reason (haha...reason. Corny I know) earlier this week. It took me back to first and second form when I had my "angsty" phase and listened to Linkin Park and Simple Plan and Nickelback. I don't know why I thought I had problems back then. Oh the ignorance of youth. =D

Here's to another week. It's almost May. Can you believe?

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  1. I like the ring and earrings :)

    lol! "The ignorance of youth" says the young one :P

    1. "The young one" says the one a few years older. =D


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