The second and week and I'm still doing this jewellery thing. I hit a bump earlier this week when I was behind schedule. I thought I could do daisy chain and spiral stitch in the first week but realized I couldn't. No worries though. I crossed a few things out and moved other things back.

I did two more projects this week. The first was a simple spiral rope with the Spiral Stitch.

I took a picture of the diagram of the book. I'm using Seed Bead Stitching by Beth Stone again this week.

In the interest of time, I decided not to make an entire bracelet or necklace out of the rope so I turned it into a necklace by attaching chain.

Just a note: split rings are quite difficult to open. They're key rings but smaller.


The second stitch was Dutch Spiral. It's really tubular peyote stitch but it spirals and the author said that's why she grouped it under spiral stitches. I decided to turn this into a beaded bead. I want to add a cord to it and make it a bracelet. 

That's what I made this week. I took a picture of my desk this morning. When I finished the necklace I actually looked at the state of my desk. I was so focused on finishing that I just pushed unwanted things to the side. Or left them there.

That's what I made this week. Outside of that - I went on a field trip to a museum nearby. They had a an exhibit by El Anatsui. He uses bottle caps to make pretty impressive sculptures. I would look him up if I were you.

The song is "Say" by John Mayer. 

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