I just realized that last week was the half-way point for this term. Crazy.

I worked on brick stitch this week. I haven't used it a lot in the past so it was refreshing to use it this week. I made a bracelet, a ring, and a pair of earrings.

The bracelet was just two beads building on the stack below.

The beads:

The bracelet:

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Right angle weave (RAW) was this week's stitch. I only managed to do two small projects (rings) because I had to work on some of the research/reading that I did for the more bookish aspect of my directed study. I read Understanding Jewellery by David Bennett and Daniela Mascetti and The History of Beads: From 100,000 BC to the Present by Lois Sher Dubin.

Here's a statement that stood out to me:

"Beads are therefore among the earliest evidence of abstract thinking. They could not kill an animal or provide warmth, but could render in material form concepts of prestige, prowess, protection, and beauty" (Dubin, 24-25).

We go hundreds of years back and jewellery was still used as adornment. It makes me happy that things that have little practical value are so highly regarded.

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This will be a quick one because long week and nuff work and time zones. I promise that makes sense in my head.

I worked on herringbone or Nbedle stitch this week. It's called herringbone because of the V-shaped pattern it forms. It's worked in pairs and is almost like building up a ladder. I made two things again: a square sample and a mini-star charm.

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The second and week and I'm still doing this jewellery thing. I hit a bump earlier this week when I was behind schedule. I thought I could do daisy chain and spiral stitch in the first week but realized I couldn't. No worries though. I crossed a few things out and moved other things back.

I did two more projects this week. The first was a simple spiral rope with the Spiral Stitch.

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