That's right. I'm running a class in jewellery and I'm the only student. I haven't been completely honest about me and crafting this term. My school gives seniors the chance to make their own course in a "Directed Study". I asked to do one in jewellery and came up with a proposal. The idea was to explore some of the history of jewellery and to practice a beadweaving stitch a week. I will need to revise this because it takes longer to make jewellery than I realize.

But more on that later. This week I focused on Daisy Chain.

I made earrings:

And another sample in daisy chain. I wanted it to be a necklace but then I realized that it would take me more than two forty-five minute sessions.

Both patterns were from Seed Bead Stitching by Beth Stone.

I'm still figuring things out with the class but I'm having fun. We'll see what happens next.

The song is "One Thing Remains". I think this version is sung by Kristan Stanfill. It's good to remember that God is always there for us.

Thanks for reading.



  1. You're amazing. Love the song choice too.

    1. Thank you [= That's such a sweet comment.

  2. Beautiful work and inspiring music and comments!

  3. Keren, I just found this from the link on Facebook - I love the way you write, and I love that you add in a song at the end of the post. Also, those earrings are beautiful! You just made my day :)

    1. This was such a nice comment to start my day with. Thank you Sierra. [=


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