Crochet is definitely more portable than beads. This past week I’ve crocheted on planes, in immigration lines, on buses, and in bed. I’m back at school so I’ll be stationary for a while and I plan to do more beads.

This week I played with a flower doily pattern. It’s spring now right? Tell that to the snow that hasn’t melted yet. I hope this doily can will some more grass to grow and sun to shine in these parts. I made three things.

The initial idea was to make a headband with the three doilies. I changed my mind and thought about giving each doily a band. Then I thought about what band to give them. It would either be with elastic thread or regular thread. I didn’t want to choose so I used both.

Elastic band

Chain stitch band

I decided to make a brooch out of the third. Still not sure how that word is pronounced so it's a good thing I'm typing.

I had a lot of free time on the plane and in immigration so I started another headband with the granny square pattern.

Again, a lot of time.
That’s it for this week really. 

The song is "Counting Stars" by OneRepublic. Live versions are funny. I expect the nuances of the recorded version and when they do something different it's almost like, "Mixing it up. I see what you did there." [=

Thanks for reading.


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