That's right. I'm running a class in jewellery and I'm the only student. I haven't been completely honest about me and crafting this term. My school gives seniors the chance to make their own course in a "Directed Study". I asked to do one in jewellery and came up with a proposal. The idea was to explore some of the history of jewellery and to practice a beadweaving stitch a week. I will need to revise this because it takes longer to make jewellery than I realize.

But more on that later. This week I focused on Daisy Chain.

I made earrings:

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Crochet is definitely more portable than beads. This past week I’ve crocheted on planes, in immigration lines, on buses, and in bed. I’m back at school so I’ll be stationary for a while and I plan to do more beads.

This week I played with a flower doily pattern. It’s spring now right? Tell that to the snow that hasn’t melted yet. I hope this doily can will some more grass to grow and sun to shine in these parts. I made three things.

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